Writing: Social Justice, Equity and Climate

New York City, where I began reporting, is in many ways a deeply segregated city. It is also one of the most diverse, outspoken and dynamic cities in the country, a hotbed of social justice movements, protest, community engagement and grassroots activism. It has been a true honor to cover the work of equity and social justice not just in New York but cities around the country. Most of this work has been published with Next City, though not all.

I have a deep connection to, an appreciation of, the San Quentin News, the most sophisticated prison newsroom in the country. I have both covered the work of the newsroom and work closely with the incarcerated journalists there.

Finally, it’s an increasing responsibility for journalists to cover the climate crisis with the severity and urgency it deserves. You can see my climate reporting below.


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A visit with San Quentin reporters Jesse, Wali and Juan in February of 2019.